Men’s Button-Up Shirts: The Best Options For Summer 2022

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If the thought of wearing button-up shirts in the sizzling summer heat makes you cringe, then keep reading—because we’re about to change that mindset.

Fabrics to Look For

When picking out a summer button-down, focus on the fabric. In really muggy weather, or whenever you think you might get sweaty, you want to avoid attire that’s made with 100-percent cotton. The problem with cotton is that it tends to absorb moisture instead of venting it, likely resulting in a pool of sweat underneath your arms. That’s not such a great look for the office or the weekend barbecue with friends.

Fabric blends, like a stretchy, breathable combo of polyester and cotton or polyester and spandex, are a much better bet. Other natural fibers, like linen and chambray, are lightweight and breathable, so they’ll help you stay cool, and merino wool is breathable and anti-microbial, so it’ll ward off odors. You might also find shirts with more technical fabrics designed to dry quickly and wick moisture; they’ll vent any sweat that manages to sneak out. In addition, not all cotton is bad: Light cotton or soft-washed varieties are cooler and more comfortable in the heat. Even traditional cotton fabrics can work fine as long as the weather isn’t too steamy.

Finally, look for button-down shirts in lighter colors; they reflect light instead of absorbing it, keeping you cooler.

How to Style a Button-Up Shirt

Of course, that brings up the question: How do you style button-up shirts for summer? Since they come in a variety of colors and prints, button-down shirts give you the chance to incorporate some pattern into your shirts rotation, which is always a solid style move. But when in doubt, go classic and casual.

Heading to a weekend barbecue? Look for classic chino shorts with a seven- or nine-inch inseam (so they hit above the knee) and pair them with a button-down and white canvas sneakers for a laid-back look. Want to amp things up a bit for a rooftop happy hour? Swap your shorts and sneakers for breezy linen or linen-blend trousers—or comfortable, lightweight, and tailored stretch chino pants—then add suede loafers for a dressy finish.

Long-sleeve button-down shirts are usually dressy enough for the office and can be worn with a lightweight summer blazer. Others, like patterned short-sleeve button-up shirts, are more casual and best suited for weekend wear.

Still scratching your head about what to buy? No worries: We’ve rounded up the best button-up shirts on the market. There are also special button-up shirt designs for sports fans like NFL button-up shirt, NHL button-up shirt, NBA button-up shirt.... Bold patterns, solid colors, short and long sleeves—these are the best men’s button-up shirts (from quality brands like Bonobos, Rhone, and more) for every budget.

 1. J. Crew Short-Sleeve Baird McNutt Irish Linen Shirt

Irish linen is prized for its soft feel and breezy utility, and it gets even better when done up by J. Crew in a variety of on-point summer colors. Wear this with everything from rolled light-wash jeans to casual chinos. 

[at $]

men's Button up shirt Jcrew 4 Fan Shop

2. Men’s Denver Broncos Shirts Button Up

Combine versatility, comfort and breezy utility with this Men's Denver Broncos Shirts Button Up from 4 Fan Shop. This shirt comes complete with printed graphics. This shirt is designed for a sunny Denver Broncos game day.

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Men’s Denver Broncos Shirts Button Up

3. Patagonia Lightweight A/C Shirt

A shirt with “AC” in its name better be cool, and this button-down from Patagonia lives up to that moniker with its lightweight organic cotton fabric paired with side vents to shed hot air.


Patagonia Lightweight A/C Shirt 4 fan shop

4. Rhone Slim Fit Commuter Shirt

For a refined look that still keeps you cool, the Commuter Shirt is hard to beat: It’s sleek enough for the office, but four-way stretch, moisture-wicking fabric keeps you comfortable when the mercury rises.


Rhone Slim Fit Commuter Shirt 4 Fan Shop

5. Bonobos Stretch Oxford Shirt

An Oxford shirt works at the office or a backyard barbecue, especially in a breezy striped pattern. The stretchy cotton fabric makes this Bonobos option lightweight and comfortable, too.


Bonobos Stretch Oxford Shirt 4 Fan Shop

6. Chicago Bears Button Up Shirt Short Sleeve Big Logo

If you're tired of wearing the same old T-shirt to Chicago Bears games, now's your chance to spice things up with this Chicago Bears Button Up Shirt that will keep you comfortable in any conditions. These shirts are quick drying, wrinkle-resistant.

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Men's Chicago Bears Button Up Shirt Short Sleeve 4 Fan Shop

7. AllSaints Giardino Short Sleeve Button-Up Camp Shirt

Go bold with this on-trend camp collar shirt, a revamped take on a shirting style first popularized decades ago. This is a seriously cool shirt to bring on a tropical vacation or to wear out on a summer night. 


AllSaints Giardino Short Sleeve Button-Up Camp Shirt 4 Fan Shop

8. Toronto Maple Leafs Hawaiian Shirt Floral Button Up

This Toronto Maple Leafs Hawaiian Shirt is basically that, in shirt form. Which is to say, quite awesome

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Toronto Maple Leafs Hawaiian Shirt Floral Button Up

10. Pittsburgh Steelers Hawaiian Shirts Pattern Stripe

You’ll want to live in this Pittsburgh Steelers Hawaiian Shirts made polyester & spandex button-up  very comfortable feel cool that’s appropriate for just about any summer rendezvous.

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Pittsburgh Steelers Hawaiian Shirts

11. Billy Reid Denim Shirt

Denim might seem like an odd choice to rock in the summer months, but this option is soft-washed and broken-in for a feel that’s lightweight, not stiff. Consider wearing it over a henley on a cool night, or pair it with olive chinos and wear it all on its own. 



Billy Reid Denim Shirt 4 Fan Shop


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